Common Question about Clear Aligner

Common Question about Clear Aligner

Common Question about Clear Aligner

  • Is it hurt?

Mostly, patients feel tight and pressure on their teeth in first two days after wearing clear aligner including changing new aligner.  This is normal. IT is the sign that the teeth are moving by aligner. However, if this symptom still persists not even reduce, consult your doctor.

  • Is aligner effect speech?

Only couple few days after wearing new aligner, your speech will be not clear as previous due to tongue adjustment with “s” sound. After that, your speech will return to normal.

  • What should you do if an aligner is not fit?

 In case there is small gap between tooth and aligner, it is quite normal. Teeth need space to move into. However, sometime the space is too large, if you are not sure that the aligner is fit or not ask your doctor.

  • What kind of food should be avoided while wearing aligner?

“No” You can eat anything you want but it is suggested to take off your aligner when eating.

  • Can you drink very cold or hot drinks?

It is ok to wear an aligner while drinking cold water.  In contrast, it is better to take off the aligner while drinking hot water because heat can cause aligner distortion. Also, not removing aligner when drinking can cause tooth cavities.

  • Can you chew gum while wearing aligner?

Don’t chew gum while wearing aligner because gum will stick with your aligner.

  • Can smoking cause stains on your aligner?

Yes, smoking can cause stain and discoloration of your aligner. So, it is better to remove your aligner.

  • Why do I need attachment on my teeth?

The clear bulb things on your teeth are called “Attachment” These help teeth move in desired direction. The number, shape and site varies depend on purpose on each patient.

  • What kind of material of Attachment?

 The material is the same as using in tooth colored filling.

  • What should you do if you loss are break aligner?

Contact your clinic or hospital!!! Your doctor will ask you to wear the previous aligner until your next appointment. Ordering new aligner or continue wearing next aligner will be your doctor decision.

  • What should you do if loss or break attachment?

Contact your clinic or hospital to make an appointment to see your doctor.

  • What should you do if aligner doesn’t fit or can’t wear?

It depends on treatment plan of your doctor. If you feel worried, you can contact your clinic or hospital to see your doctor.

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