Anterior Dental Implants in Bangkok

Dental Implant in the aesthetic zone needs extensive experience and meticulous work from a dental implantologist. Dental implant aesthetic consists of both pink (gum) and white (crown) parts in order to achieve highest aesthetic result. Moreover, if problem occurs, it will be very difficult to restore the pleasant aesthetic result. Therefore, anterior dental implant is considered one of the most challenging aspect in dentistry.

Our Bangkok Anterior Dental Implant Procedure will be divided in 2 groups.

  1. Non-extracted tooth: the procedure in this category is already written in another section.
  2. Extracted tooth: in this case, bone grafting will be done much or less depending on how long has the tooth been extracted. Bone resorption after extraction is excessive in the anterior teeth compared to other area.

Anterior Dental Implant Procedure in the already extracted area.

  1. Oral examination and x-ray to determine how many implants are needed?, how much bone grafting is needed?, and if simultaneous dental implant placement and bone grafting can be done (more than 90% from our experience). Then, our dental implantologist will make impression for removable denture for the patient to wear during healing period.
  2. Our dental implantologist will place dental implant simultaneously with bone grafting. With this technique, we reduce treatment time to about half (total 4-5 months). Bone grafting alone will need 5-6 months before dental implant can be placed which will require another 4-6 months of healing time (total 1 year). Patients also is satisfied with this technique because of shorter treatment time, shorter period without permanent tooth, and less surgery.
  3. After 4-6 months healing time, for the best aesthetic result, our dental implantologist will start making provisional crown to mould gum tissue mimicking natural tooth. It will take another 1-2 months for soft tissue to mature before definitive crown can be done.
  4. Fabrication of definitive crown on anterior dental implant.

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