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Why primary tooth is so important?

Taking good care of primary teeth will resulting in good permanent teeth in the future. Most of the parents believe that there is no need to save primary teeth because permanent teeth will erupt sooner or later anyway. However, here are the reasons to save them.

1. Primary teeth help with pronunciation. Losing primary teeth early will result in slow development of speech.

2. Chewing efficiency drops when losing primary teeth resulting in malnutrition which can cause slow growth rate of body and brain.

3. Primary teeth keep the space for permanent teeth. Losing primary teeth early will later result in crowded permanent teeth.

When should you bring your kid to a pediatric dentist in Bangkok?

As the first primary tooth erupt or no later than 1 year of age.

How do you prepare your kids before meeting with the dentist?

1. Use pictures It is important to let your kid know how a dentist can help them maintain healthy teeth and gums by using pictures. It will help them understand what will happen at the dental clinic. It will help ease their anxiety.

2. Watch videos Showing them educational videos about dentists. It will help them better understand what a dentist will do. Make sure that the videos aren’t frightening.

3. Role-playing You can start the role-play by pretending to be a dentist and your kid being the patient.

4. Take your kid along with you when visiting our Bangkok family dental clinic. Bringing your kid to your dental appointments is a great idea to make them familiar with the environment and help them feel more relax.

5. Time it Well It helps to make dental appointments during the time when your kid will be relaxed and comfortable. Avoid taking them to the dentist when they are hungry or tired. Also, please do not give them sugar or caffeine before the visit. It also helps to arrive early so they can get used to the office.

6. Stay Positive It helps to keep a happy and cheerful attitude when talking about the dentist. You can also bring along their favourite toy to comfort them.

What will our Bangkok pediatric dentist do for your kid’s 1st dental visit?

Normally, dentist will teach how to take good care of oral hygiene including brushing and recommended food for kid. If a lot of teeth erupt already, dentist will apply fluoride and make the kid familiar with staffs and dental clinic environment.

What are dental procedures for kids?

1. Check-up

2. X-ray

3. Fluoride application

4. Pit & fissure sealant

5. Fillings

6. Root canal treatment

7. Crown (metal or ceramic)

8. Space maintainer

9. Orthodontics

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