Crack Tooth Treatment

What is Crack Tooth?

Crack tooth shows a line or fracture on the tooth or root or both. Crack tooth shows many symptoms. Patient may have seen dentist to fix problem but symptoms still persist. It is difficult to locate the tooth. Sometimes, it may not show any sign in clinical & radiographic examination. Therefore, crack tooth is a complicated problem. It should have correct diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. This is because crack tooth will have better prognosis if the crack is still shallow. Nevertheless crack tooth will not be the same as normal tooth after any kind of treatment. The sooner you find out, the better for overall prognosis of crack tooth. As many occasions, extraction may be the only option for this kind of tooth.

What is the symptoms of crack tooth?

  1. Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks
  2. It may cause sensitivity when chewing sometime, on and off, or all the time.
  3. It may cause pain when chewing. Sometime, you can not use that side for chewing at all.
  4. You may see pimple at the gum around that tooth

Crack tooth can often be seen in these situations

  1. Worn teeth from heavy chewing
  2. Deep overbite
  3. Large filling with minimal tooth structure left
  4. Teeth with filling many times but sensitivity still persists. Teeth with long track record of treatment.
  5. Root canal treated tooth without complete coverage restoration
  6. Root canal treated tooth with post&core crown, especially with metal post, that has been in function for many years.


Habits that can cause crack tooth are as followings

  1. Chewing hard of sticky food such as ice, nuts, bone, etc.
  2. Accidentally bite on hard stuffs in the food such as small gravel
  3. Bruxism when sleep
  4. Clenching teeth while working under stress
  5. Accident of fighting

Clinical character of crack tooth

It will be categorised by the depth of crack in the tooth.

1. Crack line only in enamel.

It can be found in many teeth without symptoms. Treatment is not recommended but patient has to avoid eating hard food because these cracks can be deeper and might cause symptoms in the near future.

2. Crack line deep into dentin but not fracture from the tooth.

In this case, there may be bacteria penetrate in the crack line causing inflammation inside pulp chamber. It may cause sensitivity of pain when chewing.

3. Part of the tooth separates or fractures from the tooth.

It can be in enamel and dentin or deep into pulp chamber. Patient can sometimes feel the movement of fracture part.

4. Crack line deep vertically follow root of the tooth.

It can normally found pimple or gum swelling around the tooth.

Crack Tooth Treatment

Normally it depends on the depth of crack and persisted symptoms

1. Crack line in enamel and dentin without symptoms.

Dentist will remove all the crack and temporary filling to observe if there is any symptoms. If there is symptoms, our dental specialist will make temporary crown  and observe that there is no symptoms before definitive crown will be done. However, it the symptoms still persists, root canal treatment is indicated for removing inflammed pulp before definitve crown with post&core will be done.

2. Crack line that causes symptoms.

Patient normally has sensitivity or pain when chewing or sometimes without chewing. In this case, root canal treatment and definitive crown with post&core is indicated.

3. Crack line vertically follow root of tooth.

If the crack line deep into the gum beyond the point of restorable. In this case, this tooth has to be extracted and replace with dental implant or bridge or removable denture.

In summary, crack tooth treatment is to prevent bacteria into crack line causing damage to the pulp tissue. Moreover, we want to slow or stop the progress of crack to prevent fracture of the tooth. Therefore, if you have doubt that you have crack tooth, please come to see our dental specialist as soon as possible. The early detection, the better overall prognosis. However, crack tooth will not be as strong as a sound tooth. Patient has to keep in mind that this tooth might have to be extracted in the future even though dentist has tried every possible way to keep it.

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