Teeth whitening in Bangkok, Thailand

Teeth whitening

What’s teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening/bleaching is the way to restore the natural shade of the teeth. You can choose to have teeth whitening at dental office or do at your home.


There 2 types of teeth whitening.

  1. In-office teeth whitening (professional whitening, or chair-side whitening) is typically done with the dentist. The concentration of bleaching gel is higher than the one is available in market. Normally, teeth are whiter immediately after 2 hours.

Procedure for teeth whitening in Bangkok.

1.1 Before teeth whitening, your dentist will clean your teeth to remove calculus or stain from your teeth. Then, the pre-whitening tooth shade is selected for post-treatment comparison.

  • Dentist will Isolate Teeth to be Whitened from your gum to prevent irritation of your gum and oral tissue from whitening agent. Also, you need to wear protective eye wear.
  • After protection, whitening gel is applied on dried teeth.
  • The whitening gel on teeth is activated using the light source. The light will help to activate the whitening gel to whiten your teeth more effective.
  • Whitening gel is leaved for 15-20 minutes for each cycle. Light will be activated 2-4 cycles. This will take around 1.5-2 hours.
  • After completing all cycle, dentist will remove whitening gel and dental dam.
  • A shade evaluation is done to see how much whitening is achieved.


2. Home Bleaching

Patient will get the custom bleaching trays including whitening gel. Normally, teeth will get whiter and brighter in 2-3 weeks if you follow dentist’s instruction.


  1. Dentist will take impression of your upper and lower teeth to get the molds. The custom trays are made through the molds made of your teeth.
  2. After getting the custom trays, your dentist will insert the trays to check the fitness and give instruction on the application of gel, how to wear the tray and wearing time.
  3. The tray and whitening gel are worn for several hours over a period as prescribed by your dentist.
  4. Normally, the trays with whitening agent will wear during night or as prescribed by your dentist.

Comparison In-office teeth whitening vs home teeth whitening.



In office teeth whitening Custom tray teeth whitening
Treatment time Teeth get brighter in 2 hours Need to bleach your teeth every day for 1 month to see the change
Sustainability for whitness Teeth color can be dropped faster Teeth color will be dropped slower
Cost More expensive Cheaper
Concentration of whitening gel Higher lower
Impression for mold No need Need to take impression to do the custom tray



  1. The result after treatment cannot guarantee exactly due to many factors such as age, race, stain on teeth.
  2. In the same patient or even in the same tooth, color can be different in different area.
  3. Teeth whitening agent cannot whiten your dental fillings or crown. Thus, after teeth whitening, you need to redo the filling or crown to match the color.
  4. Fluorosis or tetracycline teeth do not response the whitening agent very well.
  5. The result of in-office teeth whitening is not permanent. Your teeth will get darker, or stain re-deposit depend on your lifestyle and food.
  6. To maintain your teeth’s color, your dentist will suggest you do home bleaching.
  7. Teeth whitening cannot whiten your teeth more than your natural color of your teeth. If you want to choose color shade of your teeth, dental veneer is another option.

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