Dental Veneers

What is a veneer?

A Veneer is thin material (0.5-1 mm. thickness) that cover the front part of the tooth. It was made from composite resin or ceramic. It was designed to mimic shade and shape of natural teeth to correct shape alignment space and shade of unesthetic teeth. At Global Dental Complex, we have Digital smile design technology that can shape your smile the way you want it.

What is veneer made from?

1. Composite resin: the same material as the tooth-colour filling.

2. Ceramic: More durable and best mimicking natural teeth.

When do I need veneer?

1. Discoloured teeth

2. Mild crowded teeth

3. Mild spacing teeth

4. Tooth shape discrepancy

5. Chipped tooth

Which one do I choose: veneer or crown?

Veneer is for correcting mild problems for esthetic purpose such as color, spacing, chipping, shape, and crowding. Therefore, small tooth structure will be removed or involved unlike a crown.

Crown is used to correct bigger problems such as large cavity, root canal tooth, or large tooth size discrepancy.

How many veneers do I need for my teeth?

It depends on the problems that you have. You will need a consultation with our cosmetic dentists to be able to come up with the decision. With digital smile design at Global Dental Complex, it will be the best way to explain how many veneers do you need for your teeth.

Veneers’ advantage

1. It can correct tooth shape such as short, small, and large.

2. It can correct mild malalignment of teeth such as crowding or spacing.

3. It can correct discoloured teeth that cannot be satisfied with just whitening.

4. It can choose the degree of whiteness as you wish.

Veneers’ disadvantage

Since veneer is something that attach to your teeth, it can be dislodged, chipped, or broken. You have to stay away from eating hard food such as ice, bone, or nuts. Also, when the gum recede, you can see the junction between veneer and natural teeth.

Steps for dental veneers in Bangkok

Visit 1 Consultation & data collection

• Cosmetic dentist will discuss and evaluate the patient’s expectation for the new smile. For this step, patient can bring the smile photo of celebrity who you admire to our cosmetic dentist.

• Our dentist will examine and x-ray your teeth if any problems persist or need correction.

• Our dentist will take photos, scan teeth to gather all information for diagnosis and treatment planning.

• All the pictures, x-ray, digital scanned files will be imported to digital smile design software for processing the result. Cosmetic dentist then will come up with the proposed treatment plan.

Visit 2 Treatment plan discussion and mock-up on patient’s teeth

• Our cosmetic dentist will show the new smile in the picture or video.

• If the patient satisfy with the plan, we will print the planned 3D dental model & try-in the mock-up on the patient’s teeth for direct experience with the new teeth before the treatment starts.

Visit 3 Veneer treatment starts

• Our cosmetic dentist will start shaping the tooth

• Impression or scan will be made after shaping is finished and send to the laboratory

• Provisional veneers will be placed on the teeth

Visit 4 Veneer cementation

• Our cosmetic dentist will try-in and adjust the veneers in the patient’s mouth

• After finish adjustment, our dentist will cement veneers on to the teeth and let it set.

Visit 5 Follow-up

• Mild adjustment can be made to correct your bite at this visit.

Contact us at Global Dental Complex with questions on receiving dental veneers in Bangkok, or to make an appointment.

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