Dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces a missing tooth. It gives a strong foundation for a prosthesis.

Why do I need dental implant?

Dental implants have significant advantages over conventional crown, bridge, and denture:

1. Dental implant makes prosthesis look and feel like natural teeth.

2. Dental implant functions the same as natural teeth eliminating difficulty in eating and chewing for patient.

3. Dental implant improves patient’s confidence and personality.

4. Dental implant is a solid and strong foundation to withstand normal biting force.

5. Dental implant gives removable denture firm stability.

6. Dental implant preserves adjacent teeth structure by not involving them in the prosthesis.

7. Dental implant is easier to clean compared to a bridge resulting in less caries and gum disease.

8. Dental implant has a long term success rate if done by a specialist.

What is the process for dental implants in Bangkok, Thailand?

Dental implant needs bone support 360 degree around it. In some cases, after tooth extraction, bone is resorbed naturally causing thin ridge smaller than dental implant diameter. Bone grafting procedure can increase bone width and height adequate for dental implant placement.

What is the process for dental implant?

In normal situation where bone graft is not needed.

1. Consultation with our dental implantologist. We will take CT scan to see amount of bone that you have. Then, treatment planning with time frame will be summarized.

2. Dental implant is placed to your bone in our surgical suite.

3. Follow-up appointment with stitches removal. (Then, leave dental implant for integration 2-4 months.)

4. After dental implant is healed and integrated, Our dental implantologist will make impression or scan for dental implant crown and send to dental laboratory.

5. Our dental implantologist will try-in dental implant crown and fit it in the mouth within 1-7 days.

6. Recheck appointment if any adjustment is needed after test run for around 1 week.

What is the success rate for dental implant?

Since nowadays, there are a lot of general dentists who take a short course for dental implant start doing dental implants in their own clinic with little experience. From research, most of the catastrophic failure is from iatrogenic(malpractice) problems which correlate to higher success rate when dental implant is done by a specialist. At Global Dental Complex, you can be confident with our dental implantologist because he is the first and only in Asia-pacific who is double American board of Prosthodontics and Oral implantology. You will be in the best hand in this field.

Where is the best place for getting dental implants in Bangkok?

Since dental implant requires surgical procedure, accuracy and experience. We will summarise what should you consider as below.

1. Dentist who is an actual specialist in this field.

2. Clean and safe environment

3. Modern and advance instruments

4. In-house CT scan

5. Surgical suite dedicated for dental implant surgery

6. Surgical lamp for best lighting inside the mouth

7. In-house dental laboratory

What are the options for dental implant prostheses?

One missing tooth

-Single implant crown

Multiple missing teeth

-Dental implant bridge

-Dental implant retained removable partial denture

Edentulism (missing all teeth)

-All on 4

-Full mouth dental implant bridge

-Dental implant retained removable complete denture

How to maintain good care for dental implant?

Dental implant does require good maintenance. Daily proper brushing and flossing is the main factor to prevent gum disease around dental implant. It is also important to see your dentist every 6 months for regular cleaning. Special instruments are required to clean dental implant without damaging its surface. Dentist will monitor dental implant by periodic x-ray, and make sure that dental implant prostheses are functioning adequately.

For more information on Bangkok dental implants at Global Dental Complex, contact us, or make an appointment today.

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