Facial correction surgery

1. Eyelid Surgery

This surgery helps to improve the eyelid appearance. Eye surgery is very popular in Asians especially “double eyelid surgery” because most of Asians have no or partial eyelid crease. Also. excess fat inside eyelid causes the crease to look less visible.

  • Double eyelid surgery

This surgery is very popular in Asians because of smaller eyes, single eyelids, or double eyelids that are not clear. There are two techniques for double eyelid surgery 1. Open Technique 2. Suturing technique

  • Eye Ptosis Surgery

The reason for eye lid dropping (ptopsis) is muscle wekness due to aging. Normally, this can be corrected by lifting Levator plication muscle. However, in severe cases, this may need other surgery combined.

  • Lower Eyelid Surgery

In aging patients, there are dark rings, wrinkles and lower eye sagging. Therefore, it needs surgery to correct skin loss, excess fat in lower eye and wrinkles to make look younger. Sometimes, genetics can cause this sign in young patients. There are 2 surgery techniques.: 1. Transconjunctiva incision (Younger patient) 2. Open lower eyelid surgery (Older patient)

  • Epicanthoplasty

This surgery reduces Epicanthic fold of the eyes which covers inner corner of the eyes. The doctor creates a small incision on the inner corner of the eyes to improve eye shape and make it bigger.

  • Lateral Canthoplasty

This surgery is used to correct dropping, narrow or short of the lateral Canthus.

2. Buccal fat pad removal

The purpose of buccal fat removal is to thin the cheeks, specifically in the area of the cheek hollows.

3. Nose Surgery or Nose reshaping or Nose job

This surgery helps to improve facial harmony including correcting breathing disorders in patients with abnormal shape of nose or nose that get trauma from accident.

4. Jaw reduction

In woman, having broad or square mandible are not attractive. This shows the male characteristic (strong, aggressive) Jaw reduction help to make face looks more gentle, softer.

5. Lip surgery

Lip reduction is very popular surgery by reduction lip thickness.

6. Genioplasty or Chin Surgery

  • Short chin: This will correct by chin augmentation. There are many ways such as using prefabricated or customized silicone, chin forward sliding or augment chin with bone from zygoma or angle of mandible and fix with titanium screw.
  • Long chin or chin too prominence : Patients have very long face. Main reason is mandible protrusion and teeth protrusion. Normally, patients need to have orthognathic surgery with orthodontic treatment. This takes quite a long treatment time.

7.Forehead augmentation or forehead implant

enhance the shape and volume of the forehead via a fat graft or implant.  There are several techniques as follows:

  • Implant with bone cement
  • Inject with filler
  • Fat injection 
  • Silicone sheet

 8. Cheek Augmentation / Cheek Implant

Patients with flat cheeks want to increase width and height of midface.

9. Cheek reduction, Forehead Shaving / Forehead contouring

Forehead contouring helps to increase femininity and reducing masculinity of the upper facial features.  If the cheekbones are high and excessively prominent this may cause a wide face and reduce attractiveness. Cheek reduction helps patients look younger.

10. Jaw Augmentation

Jaw augmentation helps the face look more masculine. Also, this corrects facial imbalance to look more balanced.




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