1-Day Immediate Anterior Implant

In many situations when front tooth accidentally fracture or crack and needs to be removed, it will make you lost your confident. Moreover, patient does not want to wear removable denture because of uncomfortable, inability to speak clearly, accidentally come out when speaking, or waiting couple days for prosthesis processing. 

Therefore, 1-Day Immediate Anterior Implant is a preferred treatment option to replace an extracted anterior tooth. Patients will feel like their own natural tooth after procedure is done. They can smile and speak confidently in public. Gingival architecture is preserved and best mimic the nature of gingiva around the natural tooth with this technique. The success rate of this technique is comparable with conventional one if patients strictly follow the post-operative instructions protocol.

Treatment process

  1. Oral examination and x-ray the affected tooth to determine if you are a candidate for 1-Day Immediate Anterior Implant. Normally 90% of the planned extracted tooth can be done.
  2. After thorough examination that this tooth can do 1-Day Immediate Anterior Implant, Dental implantologist will gently extract the tooth to preserve socket bone. Then, dental implant will be placed with socket bone grafting. Provisional crown or custom healing abutment will then be seated on the dental implant immediately.
  3. In the thin gingiva case, gum grafting will be augmented to increase the thickness and prevent gum recession in the future.
  4. Wait 3-4 months for complete healing, dental implantologist will make definitive crown on dental implant.

Post-operative instructions

  1. First 2 weeks, patients have to be on liquid diet to prevent any force come biting on this dental implant.
  2. First 2 months, patients have to be on soft diet and avoid biting on this dental implant.
  3. If accidentally bite on the dental implant causing movement, it will have to be removed and replaced with new dental implant together with extensive bone grafting. As a result, immediate crown can not be done at this stage. You will need to wait 4-6 months(depending on the amount of bone grafting) before any crown can be placed on the dental implant. Therefore, patient will need to wear removable denture instead.

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