Metal free restorations

Metal-free Fillings

What is metal-free fillings

Unlike metal fillings of the past, metal-free fillings are able to restore your smile with safety, provide a more natural looking appearance without dental amalgams that contain mercury and other metal elements. As an alternative solution to traditional metal-based fillings, composite resin, glass ionomer and ceramic were introduced to the market. Therefore, at Global Dental Complex, we only use tooth-color filling material as safety purpose for our patients.

When do I need fillings?

1. Dental caries or cavity

2. Dental erosion from acidic food

3. Dental abrasion from heavy brushing

4. Chipped tooth

5. Space closure

6. Enamel dysplasia or dentinogenesis imperfecta

What are materials used for metal-free fillings?

1. Composite resin: Provide good bond to natural tooth with moderate strength.


2. Glass ionomer: Provide fluoride release to prevent cavity


3. Ceramic: Provide highest strength used for large cavity as inlay or onlay.

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