Take care of your aligner

Take care of your aligner

Take care of your aligner

Using toothbrush and toothpaste. Brush on your aligner. You can brush on your aligner while wearing aligner. Then, take off your aligner and brush inside.


  1. Wash clean water after brushing your aligner.
  2. No need to use denture cleaner to clean your aligner.
  3. Don’t sink your aligner on mouthwash. This causes color to change on your aligner.

How to clean your aligner while wearing aligner

  1. It is better to take off your aligner before eating, drinking colored drinks, very hot drinks.
  2. After eating, it is better to brush and floss your teeth before wearing an aligner. In case you can’t clean your teeth. You can wash your mouth with water.
  3. Place your aligner in the box every time you take off your aligner to prevent loss of your aligner.

If you loss or damage your aligner

!!!Keep wearing your previous aligner and contact your clinic to see your doctor as fast as possible

*** Don’t throw your previous aligner. Keep them in the bag indicated the number of set ****

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