Surgical 3D simulation

What’s 3D Surgical Simulation?

3 face กระโหลก

3D Surgery is a comprehensive case planning and presentation tool that animates the patient’s skeletal and facial changes in real time, and outputs to a precise surgical guide.

3D Surgical simulation allow the doctor to do planning digitally and simulate surgery and visualize the prediction of postoperative outcomes in soft and hard tissues in all 3 dimensions.

What ‘s the difference between?

Traditional surgical planning need 2D radiographic,2D Photo and dental models. There are many limitations of traditional way: 

  1. 2D cephalometric images cannot provide complete information about the 3D structures, when conventional 2D surgical plans are executed especially in Facial asymmetry case.
  2. 3D anatomy and improving the ability to identify conditions that are not detectable with 2D conventional imaging techniques
  3. Multiple times of taking impression are needed.

The 3D surgery simulation is very powerful. All the orthognathic patients can visualize their plan and face from software. The approved plan will be transferred into operation room. Also, the surgical splint can print immediately without another impression.

What’s the benefit of 3D surgical simulation?

  1. Present patient’s surgical plan in real time by simulate skeletal and facial change from the beginning to after surgery.
  2. More pleasant outcome
  3. Fabricate surgical stent precisely without taking impression again.
  4. 3D images are more effective in diagnosing asymmetry and estimating severity and thus may necessitate changes in surgical designs based on traditional 2D modelling1
  5. Reduce number of dental office visit

Do I need to taking impression?

At GDC, we have intraoral scanner so you don’t need impression again. No more gag feeling!!

At GDC, we use Dolphin imaging software to do the surgical planning. This software is already widely used by research/teaching institutes and private practices worldwide.

What kind of record do we need before doing 3D surgical simulation?

  1. CBCT
  2. Facial 3D scan
  3. 3D model 

What kind of treatment do I need besides the surgery?

  1. Orthodontic treatment (Pre and Post surgery)
  2. General Dental Care
  3. Botox, Lipid injection or Filler (optional)

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